Tell Congress: Put Brain Aneurysm Awareness On The Map

You Can Help Declare September as National Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month

Shirley Dudek Demmer was a loving wife and the proud mother of two sons and a daughter. Just 54 years old, she was focused on planning for the future with her husband and children. She tirelessly dedicated her life to the family she cherished, the home that she treasured, and the community that she loved. This all changed on November 12, 2007.

In the midst of preparing dinner one night, Shirley collapsed suddenly. Her husband called an ambulance and she was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors broke the news to her stunned family that a brain aneurysm rupture had caused catastrophic damage. Surgeons tried to repair the damage, but were unable to save her.

Shirley's family was shocked by her sudden death that came without warning. Shirley exercised regularly and was in seemingly perfect health. Her husband said she had had every medical test that was recommended and kept meticulous notes of the results.

Shirley was a person of extreme warmth and caring. Throughout her life, she was dedicated to family, faith and community. Her philanthropic efforts, particularly in the area of women's rights and violence against women, had a remarkable effect on everyone whose lives she touched. Her three children were never able to say goodbye. Her husband, her family and her friends were left trying to make sense of their loss. They lost a mother, a wife, a good friend, and an important member of her town’s community.

Every year over 30,000 families in the U.S. experience the unspeakable tragedy caused by a ruptured brain aneurysm.  About 40% of those experiencing a ruptured brain aneurysm will die. Those that survive often face significant challenges, greatly impacting their lives and the lives of their families.
Families like Shirley's are asking you for your support by sending a message to your representatives in Congress by signing this petition. 

1 in 50 people will develop a brain aneurysm. If a brain aneurysm is diagnosed early with proper screening, it can be treated before it ruptures.  Lives can be saved if people know the risks, the signs, and when to get help.

It is critical that you help raise awareness of brain aneurysms, including methods of early detection and treatment.

Your support of H. Res. 667 introduced by Representative Tiberi and Representative Neal would have a tremendous impact and would be much appreciated by those whose lives have been impacted by brain aneurysms, as well as a big thank you to the Senate for passing resolution S. Res. 438, sponsored by Senator Markey and Senator Ayotte.

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation asks you to please sign below to support H. Res. 667 and to thank your Senators for passing S. Res. 438 to make September National Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month. 


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Jan 17th, 2019
Roanna V. from Rochester, MN writes:
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I facilitate a brain aneurysm support group, and I know first hand that we need more research and awareness of brain aneurysms. Please fund more research!
Jan 10th, 2019
Jennifer M. from Blanchard, OK writes:
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On February 5th, 2018 I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage. I had no prior knowledge of having an aneurysm, though had a family history. Fortunately, I survived my rupture at age 34 which led to finding another aneurysm in my brain that we were able to surgically clip prior to rupture. Through scanning, my mother also found out she has an aneurysm. It saddens me that I had an older aunt suffer a rupture and a severe brain injury that left her disabled in the 90's....yet our family was uneducated and unaware that we, too, could be at risk. Awareness of the tie to genetic risk and a scan could have prevented my stroke and near-death experience. The public must be educated further on these risks. Brain aneurysms should be a box to check on family health history forms at the physician's office. Everyone should understand the risk and the symptoms. Those with family history should have regular scans. Please increase awareness and save lives!
Nov 9th, 2018
Dionne N. from Marietta, GA writes:
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It happened to me at 3:00 a.m. A brain aneurysm ruptured. I have been a nurse and CPR/ACLS instructor for years teaching people how to handle these types of situations and had no idea it was happening to me. My diet was great and I was in pristine condition. I had been to the doctors a few months before for unexplained headaches and "itch" spells but no one connected the dots. MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE. PEOPLE NEED TO BE MADE AWARE. PLEASE HELP US MAKE THE PUBLIC MORE AWARE. This can happen to anyone.
Sep 24th, 2018
Sarah K. from Lexington, SC writes:
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I request mailed flyers and workshops
Sep 21st, 2018
Jenny R. from Sandusky, OH signed.
Sep 13th, 2018
Susan M. from Knoxville, MD writes:
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I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in May 2017 which was quite large and luckily it had not ruptured. I had a craniotomy on 6/12/17 at University of Maryland and my surgeon told me that I wouldn't have lived until July if it wasn't found. I had no symptoms other than experiencing weird smells (later to be discovered as seizures) and a CT scan was ordered and the aneurysm was found. I worked out 5 days a week, ran 5k's and was in great health. I'm so fortunate to be alive today but things are definitely different! I get terrible headaches from pressure changes in the weather and have slight weakness in my left hand but I'm still able to work out and have been able to run two 5k's this year.
Aug 29th, 2018
Melissa A. from Bridgeport, CT writes:
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My niece had one in 2016, my nephew's wife had one in 2017, and on August 23 of 2018, my cousin's wife passed away from one in the morning, leaving 2 beautiful little girls behind, and that same evening, I had mine. This is more than just a Headache, this is our life.. please fund research..
Aug 28th, 2018
Brian R. from Belpre, OH writes:
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Everybody has the potential to be a victim!!!!
Aug 28th, 2018
Savannah S. from Webster, FL signed.
Aug 28th, 2018
ShaCara H. from Saint Cloud, FL signed.