Tell Congress: Put Brain Aneurysm Awareness On The Map

You Can Help Declare September as National Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month

Shirley Dudek Demmer was a loving wife and the proud mother of two sons and a daughter. Just 54 years old, she was focused on planning for the future with her husband and children. She tirelessly dedicated her life to the family she cherished, the home that she treasured, and the community that she loved. This all changed on November 12, 2007.

In the midst of preparing dinner one night, Shirley collapsed suddenly. Her husband called an ambulance and she was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors broke the news to her stunned family that a brain aneurysm rupture had caused catastrophic damage. Surgeons tried to repair the damage, but were unable to save her.

Shirley's family was shocked by her sudden death that came without warning. Shirley exercised regularly and was in seemingly perfect health. Her husband said she had had every medical test that was recommended and kept meticulous notes of the results.

Shirley was a person of extreme warmth and caring. Throughout her life, she was dedicated to family, faith and community. Her philanthropic efforts, particularly in the area of women's rights and violence against women, had a remarkable effect on everyone whose lives she touched. Her three children were never able to say goodbye. Her husband, her family and her friends were left trying to make sense of their loss. They lost a mother, a wife, a good friend, and an important member of her town’s community.

Every year over 30,000 families in the U.S. experience the unspeakable tragedy caused by a ruptured brain aneurysm.  About 40% of those experiencing a ruptured brain aneurysm will die. Those that survive often face significant challenges, greatly impacting their lives and the lives of their families.
Families like Shirley's are asking you for your support by sending a message to your representatives in Congress by signing this petition. 

1 in 50 people will develop a brain aneurysm. If a brain aneurysm is diagnosed early with proper screening, it can be treated before it ruptures.  Lives can be saved if people know the risks, the signs, and when to get help.

It is critical that you help raise awareness of brain aneurysms, including methods of early detection and treatment.

Your support of H. Res. 667 introduced by Representative Tiberi and Representative Neal would have a tremendous impact and would be much appreciated by those whose lives have been impacted by brain aneurysms, as well as a big thank you to the Senate for passing resolution S. Res. 438, sponsored by Senator Markey and Senator Ayotte.

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation asks you to please sign below to support H. Res. 667 and to thank your Senators for passing S. Res. 438 to make September National Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month. 


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10 hours ago
Courtney R. from Columbus, OH signed.
Dec 15th at 6:37 pm
Someone from South Shore, KY writes:
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Brain aneurism needs special focused efforts aling with research and development!
Dec 15th at 6:35 pm
Michelle J. from Grayson, KY signed.
Dec 15th at 6:17 pm
Cathy B. from Greenwood, IN signed.
Dec 15th at 6:12 pm
David T. from Ashland, KY writes:
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Brain aneurysms and their research is very important. It needs a lot more attention and funding.
Dec 15th at 6:05 pm
Rick W. from Grayson, KY signed.
2 days ago
Ruth Ann W. from Grayson, KY signed.
2 days ago
Someone from Glencoe, IL writes:
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As a survivor, I am grateful to be alive and healthy. This traumatic event not only affects the patient, but the family & friends that go through the experience. Awareness would have made a difference for us - and I know it will for others. Please vote in favor of supporting this bill. We need it.
Dec 7th, 2017
Patricia W. from Calumet City, IL writes:
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I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in April of this year. I had a procedure to take care of it in August - before it ruptured. I am very thankful to have found out about it before it did rupture. AWARENESS IS ESSENTIAL!
Nov 29th, 2017
Melodee A. from Stafford, VA signed.
Nov 24th, 2017
Someone from Kingston, PA signed.
Nov 22nd, 2017
Kristine H. from Onaway, MI signed.
Nov 20th, 2017
Jennifer M. from Middletown, DE writes:
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I just lost my brother to an aneurysm at age 44. In honor of Nick Rotundo!
Nov 14th, 2017
Amy A. from Phoenix, AZ writes:
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In honor of Jennifer Merchant and Hilario Aragon
Nov 10th, 2017
Lynn W. from Milledgeville, GA signed.
Nov 9th, 2017
Dawn T. from Boynton Beach, FL signed.
Nov 8th, 2017
Karen H. from Swansboro, NC writes:
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On behalf of Haley M
Nov 8th, 2017
Michelle G. from Boynton Beach, FL signed.
Nov 8th, 2017
Angela F. from Boynton Beach, FL signed.
Nov 8th, 2017
Shauna S. from Loxahatchee, FL signed.
Nov 8th, 2017
Debbie F. from Lake Worth, FL signed.
Nov 8th, 2017
Sean Q. from Lake Worth, FL signed.
Nov 8th, 2017
Greg H. from Highland, NY writes:
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Fine idea .... in honor of Liz J and Hailey M .... please do this !!!
Nov 8th, 2017
Jill H. from Lake Worth, FL writes:
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I've seen several lives taken very tragically, one during birth of twins, and one at the prime of her life, both causing total family devastation. I work with someone who caught it in time, so there is hope. But much more research is needed to prevent these tragedy's.
Nov 8th, 2017
Someone from Lake Worth, FL signed.
Nov 8th, 2017
tisha m. from Boynton Beach, FL writes:
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please put this on the map and make known.. my best friend of 14 year recently passed away 10/8/2017 of brain anurisim rupture.. if she would have known the extent of worst headache ever we may have been able to save her.. but by the time anyone figured it out it was to late.. #haileysarmy
Oct 26th, 2017
Anita B. from Raceland, LA writes:
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I am a brain aneurysm survivor, thankfully mine was detected in time (just in time), it grew from 3mm to 9mm in a matter of a month. I have never been the same since. I have faced challenges and still do today with memory, but I am alive. I now have a completely different outlook on life and I learned to take a day at a time because you are never promised tomorrow!
Oct 26th, 2017
Stacy M. from Piedmont, WV writes:
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I am a brain aneurysm and AVM survivor. I feel this awareness needs to be promoted and made public for people to get educated. I think that more we promote this, the less people we have passing away at early ages.
Oct 20th, 2017
Koshy A. from Garland, TX signed.
Oct 19th, 2017
Tammy B. from Oak Grove, MO writes:
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I am a 3x brain aneurysm survivor. My father is also a survivor from 1994. We have lost several family members on my fathers side. It is vital for awareness of aneurysms signs and symptoms. 1 in 50 people have an undiagnosed aneurysm. Please help us by making September brain aneurysm awareness month. Thank you!
Oct 19th, 2017
Moya R. from Saint Petersburg, FL writes:
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Would like for people to realize that AVMs & Aneurysms are PHYSICAL NOT MENTAL. AVMs and ANEURYSMSs happen any place in the body where an ARTERY is located. The bAVMs & bANEURYSMs are more complexed due to the location and the BRAIN is 90% unknown. My first coils for 3 Annies and AVM were in 1996 UCLA. I was the 1st in the USA for the coil procedure . My coil replacement (updated with stents) was in 2011. The information for the doctors has improved and equipment has expanded a lot but NEED MUCH MORE & to include the medicine education.
Oct 16th, 2017
Denise V. from Petersburg, VA signed.
Oct 11th, 2017
Robin R. from Hemet, CA writes:
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Genitics played at role in my health. In 2010 I was diagnosed with multiple brain aneurysms. I was treaded with the newest technology coiling and stenting. Thanks to a smart doctor who realized it ran in my family. Mom made it through after having a hemorrhage. Sister died of a horrible aneurysm. I am exstremely fortunate to have it found before an episode.
Oct 5th, 2017
Someone from Los Angeles, CA writes:
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My father had an aneurysm March 10, 2015. We found him unconscious in the Boyle Heights White Memorial and was transferred to Glendale. After two days of no response, the medical staff declared him dead. My mother and I had a hard time both emotionally and economically, we still do. Brain Aneurysm Awareness is a good place to start. Then more research should be done, so we can save more lives.
Oct 5th, 2017
Sherry B. from Porter, TX signed.
Oct 2nd, 2017
Dennis C. from Houston, TX writes:
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Everyone should be aware of Brain Aneurysms and get it informed. My mom was just diagnosed and will be having surgery. Imagine how many lives can be saved by getting informed.
Sep 30th, 2017
Someone from Virginia Beach, VA writes:
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I'm in favor of raising awareness of Brain Aneurysms.
Sep 30th, 2017
Someone from Lakeland, FL signed.
Sep 29th, 2017
Someone from Niceville, FL signed.
Sep 28th, 2017
REnecia B. from New Orleans, LA writes:
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I believe this is a condition that goes without detection and is extremely dangerous!!!! As I came to find that out first hand in 2010 when I was pregnant with my fourth child. I grew up having migraine headaches and my mother always blamed them on my not wearing my prescription glasses the way I should. Years later on December 8, 2010, I suffered a Arterviovenous Malformation and my husband awoke to a non-REsponsive wife, unconscious and gurgling next to our 1 week old baby girl, who I'd been in premature labor with for the entire month before she was due on December 1. So obviously the stress from that was the cause. Long story short, I never knew I had an AVM, as neither did my parents so something REally needs to be done about this sometimes "silent killer". It's almost been 7 years since that incident, but everyday is still a challenge compared to what" used to be my normal". Like I ended my speech in my Toastmaster's club at my first speech earlier this year, "A headache may not always be just a head-ache!"